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Tier Drop Necklace (tm) - Mother, Sister, Daughter, Sisters-at-Heart

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Tier Drop Necklace (TM)

Quite possibly, one of the most meaningful pieces of jewelry you will ever give someone.

What started off as a desire to design mother/daughter necklaces that were classic and timeless, turned in to something much more! Thinking about beauty and complexity of the relationship of a mother and daughter, other family members and dear friends, these necklaces took on their own meaning.

Each crystal is vintage, carrying with it a story from a home that used to envelop its beauty every day. Some of the crystals have small dings and marks--representing our own imperfections. The crystals are hand-wired with stainless steel on to a sturdy stainless steel chain, representing our strength. Together, each crystal shines with each facet reflecting light, but together, they shine even more magnificently! Cheers to mothers, grandmothers, daughters, family and dear friends! Shine on!

Customize each necklace with crystal size (1 1/2' or 2"), necklace length and the ability to add a small oval initial charm that subtly dangles at the top of each crystal. Each necklace is carefully placed in a white box/clear lid and includes a poem about the symbolic necklace.

My sweet daughter doesn't wear much jewelry, but she wears this necklace every day, knowing that her family and closest family friends also have a necklace that shines next to hers!

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