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Private Event Registration - Bachelorette Party HV - Jul 1st 3pm

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Experience Something Special
Gather your close friends, family or fun group of neighbors for an unforgettable experience. With full access to our art studio and event space, each guest will make  a Home Spa Kit to enjoy at home! Additionally, each guest will have $20 credit to create a unique accessory or piece of jewelry from a huge selection of vintage baubles and fun finds at our D.I.Y. Jewelry Bar.

Details About Your Bachelorette Party!

Home Spa Kit Includes:
- Refreshing Citrus Sugar Scrub
- Lavendar Rosemary Bath Bombs
- Neck Cozy Wrap with Essential Oils (can be used cold or warm to sooth muscles and relax).
- $20 in credit toward the D.I.Y. Jewelry Bar

             Bottled water, coffee, tea, and music of choice

Host/Guests Can Bring:
- Food & beverages as appropriate
Additional decorations 
- Music on an iPod, etc. - can plug in to the stereo
  • Private parties for adults/families are 2.5 - 3 hours (projects take about 2 hours) 
  • Guests can take a break from the project to design a custom charm necklace or accessory (purse clip, keychain, etc.) at our D.I.Y. Jewelry Bar.
  • After the projects are complete, there will be about 30 minutes for socializing and enjoying food/drinks. Or, the food/drink can be set up during the entire event to make for a more casual atmosphere. If you wish, guests will have access to Open Studio projects to add-on to their original projects as time allows (they can pay at the event for any additional projects). 
  • Event Cancellation/Rescheduling Details:
    • Up to two weeks prior to event - 90% refund for cancellation or no fee for rescheduling
    • 13 days -  48 hours prior to event - 75% refund. Event can be rescheduled for $20 fee.
    • Less than 48 hours - No refund for cancellation. $50 fee for rescheduling event.

Day of Your Party/Event

- Host may arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the event for set-up.

- Guests may be asked to sign a simple waiver if tools (hammer, etc.) are included in the project. 

- Please confirm the names of guests 48 hours prior to the event.


    - Marquess Studios is located on the southeast corner of Olive & Greeley Streets in Stillwater.
    - It is on the 2nd floor of the brown Greeley Professional Building, directly south of Nelson's Ice Cream.
    - You can park in the lot reserved for building guests or on the street by Nelson's Ice Cream - and then use the entrance closest to Nelson's (north side).  
    - Doors to the building are locked on evenings and weekends, so please call or text when you arrive.

    - Please email hello@MarquessStudios.com or call 651.592.8657 with any questions.