Experience Something Special . Stillwater, Minnesota

Indoor Fairy Garden Kit - Ice Castle


Delight someone special with this sweet Indoor Ice Castle Fairy Garden Kit. All of the messy steps are completed in our studio and shipped to you to decorate to your heart's content!

Included in kit:

  • Directions to complete the Fairy Castle
  • 9" Round wood base (whitewashed and drilled with holes for accessories)
  • Fairy House on raised dowel - painted like a birch log
  • Ice skating rink on wood base
  • Supplies for a tree, signs, bench, bonfire pit, stepping stones, feather roof, fairy door and other decorative touches!
  • Please note:  Use a pedestal (chunky candle holders work great!) to elevate your ice castle! We will sell them soon!
You will need:
  • A hot glue gun and about 5-7 mini glue sticks
  • A thin sharpie marker
  • A scissors
The Ice Castle is coming to Stillwater, MN starting December 31st and open through March (or TBD until the thaw begins). We are excited to offer this exciting design for this great event in our local Stillwater!